Textile work

Ongoing series. 2018


Paintings from the exhibition "Paintings" at Podium Gallery in Oslo 2012.

Moving still

Video project in collaboration with Øystein Hvamen Rasmussen. Exhibited at Sound of Mu in Oslo 2013.

I Dream Myself Alive

Series of drawings, 2011, exhibited at "Urban Kvae" and "++" in 2011.

Erster Akt

From the solo exhibition "Erster Akt" at SALT 2012.


Series of drawings/ collage, personal project 2010.

Exit / Exists

Series of drawings, personal project, 2010.


From the work "Topophilia" shown in the group exhibition "A looking in View" in 2011.


Series of monotypes, exhibited in Gallery NB8 in 2010.